Yenepoya Dental Education Unit (YEN-DEU)

About the Unit

Yenepoya Dental Education Unit (Yen-DEU), was initiated as a FAIMER Project Under the Guidance of Dr.B.H.Sripathi Rao Former Dean/Principal Yenepoya Dental College in the year 2019. Under the guidance of Dr.Akhter Husain, formulation and consultation for the formulation of the byelaws for the Yen-DEU was done and presented. The University approved the Bye Laws on July 2020 to function as a unit of Yenepoya Centre for Faculty Development (Yen-FDC).18th July 2020 Dr.Akhter Husain Former Dean YDC notified the Yen-DEU with Dr.Imran Pasha M as the Coordinator. The Reconstitution of the Unit was done July 2022. The Yen-DEU is functioning with Dr.Laxmikanth Chatra as the Chairman of the unit.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Yenepoya Dental Education Unit (Yen-DEU) of Yenepoya Dental College will be able to improvise the skills of dental faculty in the art of teaching. The focus is not only on teaching, but also on developing the complex roles of being mentors, assessors, curriculum designers, facilitators and role models. The Development Interprofessional educational module to impart interprofessional practice and collaboration among dental professional and students is a unique feature of this centre.

  • Workshops in dental education and interprofessional education to be conducted -twice every Year.
  • Workshops in specialized areas to be conducted round the year.
  • Workshops on Mentoring, Curriculum Planning and MCQ construction for the faculty.
  • Internship orientation programs and other training activities for overall improvement of the interns.
  • Personal and professional development for students to improve communication skills, professionalism and ethics in students using existing settings.
  • Assessment of competencies, student assessment approaches, standardized patients, instructional design, computer-based education applications, patient simulations, institutional research, clinical decision making, medical informatics, faculty careers, patient education, continuing education, health economics and disease prevention.

Present Members

  • Dr.Umme Amarah
  • Dr.Anu Babu
  • Dr.Vidya Bhat
  • Dr.Imran Pasha M
  • Dr.Junaid
  • Dr.K.Raksha Ballal
  • Dr.Vinayakrishna
  • Dr.Ashwin Harekal
  • Dr.Shakkira MK
  • Dr.Vinitha Boloor
  • Dr.Shakil M
  • Dr.Suhaim S Karkala
  • Dr.Supriya
  • Dr.Haziel Diana Jenifer

Name and Number of the Contact

Dr.Imran Pasha M
Coordinator, Yenepoya Dental Education Unit
Yenepoya Dental College
Mobile : +91-9844215889
Email :

Fee Structure
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