Established in 1999 The Museum of Dental Materials, is our unique education medium for providing dental education to our students and to showcase all the dental material and dental equipments.

Inaugurated by Dr Thomas C. Telly Ex Principal in 1999

This Museum consists of Large Collection of

  • All the materials used in Dentistry
  • Various teaching models prepared indigenously in the YDC labs.
  • Clinical fabrication procedures - to demonstrate the step by step use of different materials.
  • Common instruments and equipment used in dentistry are also a part of the collection here.
  • Unique features of this museum are
    • Antique collection of materials and equipments used for more than 70 - 100 years in dental field.
    • Collection of teeth and jaws of different birds and animals to emphasize on the gradual evolution of gnathic apparatus.

Professor V. Shama Bhat has the unique place as one of the senior most faculty in the field of Dental Materials in India. He is a teacher with passion for his subject and sincerity in his teaching. With the establishment of the museums of dental materials he has brought to life his most unique vision.

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