Lecture Halls and demonstration and examination halls

There are 3 Lecture Halls with seating capacity of with 180 students (Gallery type), all located at the 2nd Basement of the Dental College. The Lecture Halls are provided with excellent seating arrangements and latest audio visual equipments. Audio visual aids provided in the lecture halls include sound amplifier system, overhead projection, 35 mm slide projection and LCD projections apart from the traditional black board and chalk. The lecture halls have also been equipped with facilities for E-learning. The Examination Hall has adequate seating and is designed in such a way that all students are in clear view of the supervisor. The halls are also under CCTV surveillance for added security of our students.

The data in respect to attendance, scholastic performance & overall progress of the students is recorded and stored in a retrievable form using a software program called Students Information System (SIS). Parents are updated regarding the progress of their wards every month by email and postal communication. There are also individual seminar room for each department with an in-house library, comprising of relevant text books and journals. The dental college also has an auditorium hall at the 5th floor of the building, provided with excellent seating arrangements of 300 capacity, Audio visual aids and sound amplification system.

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