Fellowship program in Implantology


1 Year

The development of science and technology in dentistry, the inclusion of newer treatment modalities, demands the dental practitioners to constantly update their knowledge in these modalities to fulfil the treatment needs of the populations they serve. Consequently, specialization in Dentistry has occurred as a natural evolutionary process across several disciplines of the dental profession. However, the competencies for the newer treatment modalities is often provided by the industry rather than the educational institutes. The transition toward specialization and adoption of a newer treatment option often presents the specific disciplines with challenging concerns and issues. Creative solutions to these concerns will strengthen the integrity and cohesiveness of the profession. This fellowship program is aimed at providing the dental practitioner a through, systematic and logical exposure to implant dentistry and to provide clinical knowledge and skills of the highest level. Assisted by a very favorable staff-student ratio, where the relationship between student and mentor is direct and highly personalized.


A Skill based interdisciplinary Fellowship Program


  • 1 Year
  • 2 Semesters of 6 months each
  • The first semester will focus on training the participants in the basic skill in Implantology
  • The Second Semester will focus on imparting training at an advanced skill level.
  • 50 hours of theory in each Semester.
  • 10 hours of hands on training in each semester.
  • One to one clinical training during the modules


  • To provide the participants a through systematic and logical exposure to implant dentistry.
  • To help the participants to effectively incorporate implant dentistry into their dental practice.
  • Rational creation of overall treatment plans in relation to implant dentistry.
  • To provide a program based on realities of private practice and not just theoretical aspects.
  • To Provide a skill oriented interactive sessions on laboratory and surgical phases.


  • CO 1: Biology, Anatomy and Wound Healing in Implant Therapy
  • CO 2: Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Documentation
  • CO 3: General Implant Surgical / Prosthetic Principals & Therapy
    • Incision
    • Flap Design
    • Suturing Techniques – Hands-on
    • Surgical protocols for placing a single implant to multiple implants into a healed site or healing sites
    • Introduction to Prosthetic Phase
    • Impression Materials
    • Impression Making Techniques – Hands-on
    • Temporization
    • Understanding of Prosthetic components
    • Prosthetic fabrication and cementation
  • CO 4: Managing Emergencies, Complications & Long-term Maintenance in Implant Therapy
  • CO 5: Management of extraction Site in Implant Therapy
    • Immediate Implants – Hands-on with Models
  • CO 6: Soft Tissue Management: Grafting, Mucogingival & Restorative Considerations
  • CO 7: The Posterior Maxilla in Implant Therapy
  • CO 8: Implants and the Fully Edentulous Patient
    • Implant supported Overdentures
    • Implant supported Full arch Restoration
    • Edentulous Ridge Restorations with All on 4 Concept.
  • CO 9: Advanced Therapies, Bone Augmentation, Growth Factors & Bioengineering



All theoretical content will be provided through the ITI Curriculum. Journal reviews and clinical case discussions.

In Campus:

Didactic Lecture, Hands on exercise on models and Clinical cases management.


  • Minimum qualification of B.D.S or equivalent from a recognized Institution in India or Overseas.
  • Participants who have completed the Basic Implantology course, may continue as a fellowship participant from the 2nd semester by paying an additional fee of Rs. 5,00,000. (Based on the availability of the seats)
  • INTAKE PER YEAR: 2 seats
  • ADDITIONAL INTAKE for 2nd semester: 2 seats (Participants of Basic course)


Rs. 5000 /month


Formative Evaluation

The participant is required to complete all the online formative assessments on the ITI platform at the end of each learning module and also on completion of each semester

Summative evaluation

a. Theory examination (Essay and Short answers) -100 marks – 1 Day

Paper 1: Title: Implantology

  • Essay : 20 x 1 = 20 Short Answers: 10x8=80 Total = 100 marks
  • Practical Examination & Viva Voce – 200 Marks – 1 Day
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning for 1 complex case with records -75 Marks
  • Case presentations – 25 Marks
  • Viva voce- 80 Marks
  • Clinical Log-Book Evaluation – 20 Marks


Minimum 80% attendance is required for attending the examination.


Passing marks: Theory = 50 % Practical= 50%


Yenepoya Deemed to be University.



08242206000 / Extension No:1054

Contact Person : Dr Shazia / Dr Hasan Sarfaraz

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